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I'm Sonoe, the photographer behind Nappy Time Portraits. Born in Tokyo, studied in Australia, and a resident of Austin for over a decade, I blend Tokyo’s culture of updating tradition with the unconventionality of Santa surfing in hundred degree Australian weather, and I brought it all to Austin so that I can pursue my photography while raising my daughter in the fastest growing city in the US.

At Nappy Time Portraits, we create photo sessions that are always fun, playful, and heart-fluttering. We plan our shooting scenes to evoke fond memories, so you will look back on them time and time again. Each session has its own story, set in a world we create together, a collaboration between your dreams and Nappy Time Portraits' ability to bring them to life.

My award-winning costumes have won prizes in Round Rock’s Halloween costume contest and at the United States' largest Renaissance festival, the Texas Renaissance Festival, and I use the same experience creating props, and background sets to match the world we create together.

As a private photographer at Nappy Time Portraits, I also manage a school photography company, and am personally behind the lens for hundreds of children annually, capturing tens of thousands of photos, sharing my luxury stages with daycares and preschools throughout Austin. I have the experience to seize wonderful memories amidst the whimsical actions and lively camaraderie of children at play.

I photograph a wide range of subjects from Newborns, Maternity, infants, Family photos, to Seniors, and Pets.

Collaborating with Kimono Mosaique, we've also shot numerous kimono photos for occasions such as Shichi-Go-San, Coming of Age Day, Girls' Day, and Boys' Day.

Our Bluebonnet photoshoots in Texas are especially popular.

Whether it's popular location shoots or indoor set photography, Nappy Time Portraits leaves a mark with vivid and radiant scenes. .

Photography Scenes

Whether it's an ordinary day or a special occasion, the moment you think "I want to take a photo" is the right timing.

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