Coming-of-Age Portraits

Marking the Journey into Adulthood with Grace and Style

Family Photography

Congratulations on reaching adulthood—a significant step into the world of grown-ups. At NAPPY TIME PORTRAITS, we celebrate your coming of age with authentic furisode and hakama attire, even while you're in America. Since autumn 2020, in collaboration with Miyako-san, the kimono dressing instructor and organizer of KIMONO MOSAIQUE, we've captured numerous children, seniors, and family kimono photos, including Shichi-Go-San sessions. For the Coming-of-Age celebration, we continue our collaboration with KIMONO MOSAIQUE to offer glamorous photoshoots set against the vast Texan landscape.

Our photoshoot styles range from the highly acclaimed indoor and outdoor sessions, offering a unique experience not easily found in Japan, to options of either setting for your shoot. We warmly welcome shoots that include siblings, the whole family together. When inquiring, please mention your preferred date, photoshoot style, the ages of any siblings involved, and the heights of all participants who will wear a kimono.

For those who wish to wear a kimono but aren't celebrating Coming of Age, we also provide a range of rental kimonos. Shichi-Go-San photography services are available as well. Please don't hesitate to contact us for consultations on your photoshoot style.

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Session Styles

In-Studio Shoots

In-Studio Shoots

Shoots are conducted at the Nappy Time Portraits studio located in North-East Austin, suitable for families of up to about 6 people.

Outdoor Locations

Outdoor Locations

Shoots at iconic Austin locations such as the Texas Capitol or Zilker Botanical Garden, or any outdoor location of your preference.

At Your Home

At Your Home

We'll set up a photography set in your home for the shoot. If you have enough space, we can create a set for the session.

Kimono Rental & Dressing Fee

Indoor and Outdoor sets

Indoor set only

Outdoor only





Men's Kimono + Hakama




Women's Kimono

Start at $100

Start at $80

Start at $40

Men's Kimono Ensemble




On-site Shooting Fee
(Includes Adjustments)
(Per Outdoor Location)


$20 (Indoors Only)
$50 (Per Outdoor Location)


Travel Fee



※ Prices are per person.
※ Availability is limited by size, so there may be instances where we cannot accommodate your request.
※ If you have your own kimono, we also offer a dressing service only.
※ Please inform us of the height of the person wishing to wear the kimono at the time of reservation.
※ In the event of significant damage or soiling, repair and cleaning costs may be charged.
※ For on-site photography assistance, please consult with us if the location is more than 25 miles from the Cedar Park area in North Austin.
※ If no photography assistance is needed, please return the rental set on the same day.
※ Payment is accepted via Venmo or cash by the day of the event.

What's Included in the Rental


Zori sandals, bag (if needed), tabi socks


Setta sandals, tabi socks

Session Fee

Indoor & Outdoor Set (Recommended!)


30 Photos

Indoor Set Only


15 Photos

Outdoor Only


20 Photos

Additional Photos


※ In addition to image data, printed photos, art board prints, ornaments, mugs, and more are available for purchase at an additional charge.
※ A $50 payment is required at the time of booking. This fee is non-refundable, even if you are unable to attend the photo session. The remaining balance can be paid via Venmo, PayPal, cash, or check by the day of the shoot.

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Kimono Wearing Requests

Please complete before dressing begins

✨   Meals, restroom use, makeup, etc.
(Hair ornaments will be provided by us)

Items you need to prepare

✨  For women: Please wear a tank top or camisole with a wide neckline and soft shorts or leggings. Preferably, wear a sports bra without wires (something like a bra top).

✨  Hydration

(For shoots outside of the studio or home, please also bring)

✨  Comfortable shoes or sandals for moving around. Especially when driving, please switch to shoes you are accustomed to.

✨  Change of clothes

※ Due to the long sleeves and hem of a kimono, it might be harder to move than usual. In the event of significant soiling or damage, we will require reimbursement for cleaning and repairs.

※ Your cooperation is appreciated for a smooth photography session.

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