Children's Day (端午の節句)

April 20th and 21st ONLY

Family Photography

Thank you for joining us at the Children's Day Photo Session 2024. This year again, we had a delightful session with many children and families smiling and posing freely like koinobori (carp streamers) in their own unique ways. The indoor shoots were done with kabuto (samurai helmets), and the outdoor shoots involved numerous koinobori of various sizes.

This event was part of a collaborative project with KIMONO MOSAIQUE, offering kimono rental and dressing services, which added a charming touch to the beautifully dressed children, much to the delight of their parents.

Happy Children's Day! We continue to wish for the healthy growth and well-being of your children. We are planning the next Children's Day Photo Session for late April 2025. We will provide updates on the exact dates and details as the time approaches.

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2025 April (Two Days Only) TBD

In-Studio Shoots

2025 April (TBD): Indoor Kabuto (Helmet) Photography

Capture your child in a photo with a helmet, set against a backdrop of a large rising carp. The photo studio is located in North-East Austin. We can also prepare adult-sized kimonos for parents. Perfect for documenting your child's growth and for a family photo session on Children’s Day.

Outdoor Locations

2025 April (TBD): Outdoor Carp Streamer Photography

Enjoy a relaxed outdoor photo session with your child among large and small carp streamers, including some as big as 2 meters. The sight of numerous carp streamers gently swimming in the wind at Pfluger Park in Pflugerville is truly magnificent. Please note, changing clothes will be outdoors, so this session is only recommended for children who are comfortable changing outside.

Event Date and Time

Indoor Session


2025 April


2025 April


Outdoor Session


Northeast Austin Photography Studio
(Address will be sent to those who have reserved)


Pfluger Park (515 City Park Rd, Pflugerville, TX 78660) In case of rain, the photo session will be indoors with a kabuto (samurai helmet).


Estimated Shooting Time


About 1 hour including outfit changes


About 1 hour including outfit changes




10 Photos


10 Photos

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Kimono Rental & Dressing Fee

Boys' Kimono Romper
(Height approx. 50cm–95cm/1'6"-3'1")


Girls' Kimono Romper
(Height approx. 60cm–95cm/2'-3'.1")


Boys' Kimono
(Haori Hakama, for heights approximately 95cm-125cm/3'1"-4'1")


Young Girl's Kimono
(Hifu Set, Height approx. 85cm-100cm/2'8"-3'3")


Girl's Kimono
(Kimono + Obi, for heights up to 115cm-135cm/3'7"-4'4")


Women's Kimono


Men's Kimono


※ Availability of kimonos for siblings is limited by size.
※ We also offer dressing service only for those who bring their own kimono.
※ Please inform us of the height of the person who wishes to wear the kimono at the time of reservation.
※ Significant damages or stains may incur repair or cleaning costs.

Items Included in Rental

Kimono Rompers

Patterned socks, Bonnet, Bib, Hair accessories

Boys' Kimono

Setta sandals, Small sword, Fan, Tabi socks

Girls' Hifu Set

Zori sandals, Hair accessories, Tabi socks

Girls' Kimono

Hair accessories, Tabi socks, Zori sandals

Adult Women

Zori sandals, Bag (if needed), Tabi socks

Adult Men

Setta sandals, Tabi socks

Session Fee


Session Fee: $140/Photos. Photos are delivered in a downloadable format.

Session Duration: Approximately 30 minutes (including about 30 minutes for dressing. The time may vary depending on the number of people wearing kimonos).

In addition to digital images, printed photos, art board prints, ornaments, mugs, etc., are available for purchase at an additional cost.

*A $50 deposit is required at the time of booking. This deposit is non-refundable, even if you do not show up on the day of the shoot. The remaining $90 can be paid on the day of the shoot via Venmo, PayPal, cash, or check.

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Requests for When Wearing a Kimono

Things to take care of before the dressing starts

✨  Meals, restroom visits, makeup, breastfeeding, changing your baby's diaper, etc.

Items you should prepare

✨  For children and men, we request wearing a loose-fitting undershirt (with or without sleeves is fine) and soft shorts.

✨  For women, we recommend wearing a tank top or camisole with a wide neckline and soft shorts or leggings. Preferably, a wire-free sports bra (like a bra top) is desirable.

✨  Adequate hydration, and for children, non-messy bite-sized snacks or their favorite toys that might lift their spirits could be helpful.

※ Your cooperation is appreciated for a smooth photography session.

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